8 Health and Well-Being Tips By Darius Jasinski for the Busy College Students

Darius Jasinski

An average college student often survives under tremendous stress. Darius Jasinski consequently, their eating habits get affected. It is difficult for you to avoid some bad habits like skipping meals and frequently eating junk foods. But if you start eating a healthy diet, not only it’ll help you to relieve your stress, but also help you to perform amazingly in both the classroom and athletic field. 

A Healthy Breakfast Is Mandatory

Darius Jasinski according to a study, it is proved that breakfast is the most vital food of the day. If you start skipping a healthy breakfast, it will affect your fitness as well as scholastic achievements. Even if you don’t have time to peacefully finish your morning meal, try to grab a bagel, some fruit, and some juice. These items are common and you can easily find them in your residence hall room.

You Should Choose Fast Foods Wisely

If you have no choice but to eat fast foods, then choose your meal wisely. Instead of chess burst pizza, try to take a pizza with half the cheese. You can also eat a regular size roast beef sandwich, green salad, or baked potato that has low levels of calories. Avoid foods with high fats such as fried chicken, fish sandwiches, or French fries.

Prioritize Foods with Calcium

People aged 15 to 20 should eat foods that are high in calcium to build a robust and healthy body structure. This way your body can tackle osteoporosis later in life thinks Darius Jasinski. Even if you don’t like milk, some other foods such as low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, and green leafy vegetables can greatly work as an alternative.

You Should Always Keep Healthy Snacks

If you feel hungry during your late-night study, you should have healthy snacks like rice cakes, fresh fruits, unbuttered popcorn, or pretzels. If you have a refrigerator in your room, consider eating raw and fresh vegetables with low-fat yogurt.

Do Not Consume Excess Amount of Sugar

Darius Jasinski consuming an excess amount of sugar can cause weight gain, heart disease, and tooth decay. However, keeping in mind that sugar provides calories; you should use a moderate amount of sugar in your tea, coffee, or cereal. You can also use diet sweeteners instead of normal sugar.

Exercise Is Important To Stay Healthy

Darius Jasinski one of the best ways to stay healthy during your busy college day is nothing but a small workout. Exercise helps your muscle to grow. Many students just walk around their campus to stretch their legs. However, intense exercise and muscle strengthening are also beneficial for your health. Try to pick a certain time for your exercise session. This way, you can make time for it without any problems.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol

You already know that alcohol is injurious to health. However, you can consume a little amount. Try to choose some beneficial alcohol like red wine. But, do not drink an excessive amount of alcohol as it can generate other fatal health problems.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps you to digest your food as well as maintains the balance of the body. You need to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water to stay in healthy shape and if you exercise intensely, you may need to drink more. Always remember to carry a water bottle to the class so you don’t have to stay thirsty.


Darius Jasinski these are the 8 tips that will help you to stay healthy during busy college days. Always try to sleep properly, because a good nap can improve your physical state as well as a mental state. Remember one thing; living under too much stress can affect your health. So, try to cheer up and stop taking everything seriously.

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